David O. McKeon

U.S. Congress
Nevada’s 3rd District

I listen every day to struggling Nevadans and I understand your worries. Everyone wants to get America back on the right track.

We need public servants that have the backbone to make the tough decisions to rebuild and defend America.

When I was elected Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party, my vision was to win elections and win majorities in 2014. We delivered on that plan and made history in Nevada.

There is a lot more to do. I will not stop until we defend veterans’ benefits, limit government spending, grow a skilled workforce, increase good-paying jobs, restore competitive healthcare, and enforce our laws.

My name is David O. McKeon and I am asking for your vote to win Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Together, we can Set Nevada Free.


“I give my strongest possible endorsement to David McKeon to be our next Congressional Representative for Nevada. David is the smartest candidate in the race and a proven leader in tumultuous situations. He has the talent, ability, and integrity we desperately need in public servants. David will do a great job for the people of Congressional District 3 and Nevada. I strongly encourage all voters to cast their ballots for David O. McKeon in 2018. I wish him great success.”

Chris Edwards, Nevada State Assemblyman, U.S. Navy Commander (Ret.)

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